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Vero Beach Attorney Focusing on Resisting Arrest Cases

In Florida, resisting arrest and obstructing justice are both classified under the same criminal statutes. Florida Statues 843.01 and 843.02 make it illegal to resist, obstruct, or oppose any law enforcement officer who is lawfully executing a legal duty. The two most commonly charged versions of this offense are:

  • Resisting an Officer without Violence
  • Resisting an Officer with Violence

Both charges are punishable by jail time, probation, and fines, however for obvious reasons, resisting an officer with violence carries more significant penalties than resisting without violence. Although these charges are most often seen when a criminal defendant resists the actions of a police officer, they can be charged when an individual obstructs any state officer including a probation officer or a corrections officer.

There are a number of defense methods that can be utilized in “resisting” cases. These methods include disputing that the acts alleged constituted resistance, challenging the basis for the arrest, and analyzing whether the circumstances provided the defendant notice that they were interacting with an officer carrying out a legal duty. Jesse H. Larsen has successfully used each of these methods to defend those who have been arrested for these types of offenses. If you or a loved one has been charged with resisting arrest or obstructing justice, contact our office today.