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What is Meant By the Term Road Alligators?

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A road alligator, also referred to as a road gator, is a piece of tire lying in the roadway whose texture resembles the alligator’s skin. The fragments of the blown tire can come from a regular passenger car but typically come from the tire of a large semi-truck. A blowout from a passenger car can be dangerous, but a blowout from a large commercial vehicle can have deadly consequences.

If you have been the victim of a road gator, contact our law firm and ask to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and potential legal options.

What Causes Road Alligators to Occur?

Road alligators usually occur due to a tire blowout when a vehicle travels at a high rate of speed. Some of the main reasons that a tire may suffer a blowout include the following:

  • Over or underinflation of a tire
  • Worn-out or defective tires
  • Tread separation
  • Premature wear caused by excessive braking

In addition, if a semi-truck’s tire suffers a blowout, the cause may be traced back to the overloaded commercial vehicle.

Why Are Road Alligators Dangerous?

When the tire blows, the rubber pieces quickly spread out all over the roadway in the path of unsuspecting drivers. Suppose the motorist encountering pieces of tire tread is also traveling fast, such as on the interstate. In that case, it may be difficult for them to avoid them and end up in an accident or sustaining damage to their vehicle. In addition, if a motorist travels close to a vehicle that suffers a tire blowout, pieces may fly up and hit the windshield. Depending on the rate of speed, the flying debris could even penetrate the windshield, proving dangerous for the driver. Finally, in most cases, rollovers have been known to occur due to road alligators.

What Should I Do if I Encounter a Road Alligator?

If you are driving and encounter pieces of a road alligator, you may be able to swerve and miss the piece entirely. However, if you are traveling at high speed in heavy traffic, many experts agree that the best thing to do is run over the pieces to avoid causing an accident. This is why it is vital that you remain focused on the road ahead of you and not allow yourself to become distracted.

Can I File a Claim For Compensation if a Road Alligator Damages My Vehicle?

Filing a claim for compensation after a road alligator has damaged your car can be extremely difficult. Often the vehicle that lost the tire tread is not even aware of it, especially in a tractor-trailer case. Therefore, if you have sustained damage to your vehicle or been injured by a road alligator, you must hire a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Our law firm can request footage from the Department of Transportation, interview witnesses, and work to find where the road alligator originated from so that we can hold the responsible parties accountable for your damages. Contact our law firm by calling 772-773-6697 and ask to schedule a free case review.

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