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What Specific Challenges Arise from Biking Accidents Along Vero Beach’s Coastal Roads?

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How Has Increased Traffic on Vero Beach Roads Contributed to Bicycle Accidents?

Florida reports a large percentage of bicycle accidents every year. Cyclists share the roads with many drivers who often contribute to accidents for various reasons. Attorneys from a personal injury firm explain that some of the common factors that have led to an increase in the number of bicycle accidents on Florida roads are

  • distracted driving,
  • driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol,
  • speeding,
  • rage driving,
  • swerving through lanes,
  • tailgating bicyclists,
  • not yielding to oncoming traffic,
  • fatigued driving, and
  • ignoring traffic signals and markers.

If you’re a bicyclist who was injured in a bicycle accident, you may not know what to do to protect your rights. The best starting point is to contact skilled bicycle accident lawyers in Vero Beach for legal counsel. They can advise on how to recover compensation from the at-fault driver, which is your legal right.

What Challenges Do Victims Face When Pursuing Compensation After a Bicycle Accident?

Nobody is ever fully prepared to face the aftermath of an accident, yet many bicyclists have to grapple with this reality after an accident caused by the negligence of other road users. Most are faced with costly medical bills they’re unable to pay out of pocket, having sustained life-changing injuries.

In trying to pursue compensation, biking accident victims often face various challenges. Those who try to handle their cases alone often give up due to the frustration of Florida’s complex personal injury laws. Specifically, bicycle accident claims can be complicated due to the following reasons; however, working with skilled bicycle accident attorneys in Vero Beach can make the process easier:

The Burden of Proof Lies with the Accident Victim

In personal injury cases, it is up to the accident victim to prove that the defendant’s actions and negligence were the cause of the accident that led to their injuries. This often means showing that the at-fault party violated a traffic law. Proving a defendant’s disregard for the law may be strong evidence in a claim for damages.

One source of evidence can be if the defendant was convicted in a traffic court. Your Vero Beach bicycle accident lawyers can leverage the conviction as evidence in the bicycling accident case.

Sadly, not all cases are as simple as those where the defendant receives a conviction for violating traffic laws. In many bicycle accident claims, the burden of showing that the defendant was careless or reckless lies with the victim. Skilled lawyers from a personal injury firm can help you carry this burden and prove your case.

Determining Liability is Often Complex

Depending on the specifics of the accident, several parties could be liable in a bicycle accident. Examples of some scenarios are:

  • a motorist parked at the side of the street opens the door without checking whether there are oncoming bicycles,
  • a motorist suddenly brakes for no reason, causing a multi-vehicle crash collision involving a bicycle,
  • a motorist suddenly pulls directly in front of a bicyclist, leaving no room or time for the cyclist to avoid the collision,
  • a vehicle or part manufacturer if the accident was due to mechanical failure,
  • the municipal or government, if the accident was due to poorly maintained roads or hazards that the agency should have removed,
  • another cyclist, who was riding recklessly, collided with the victim, or
  • an animal owner negligently let their animal jump in front of a cyclist, causing an accident.

Determining liability can be lengthy and complex, often requiring the input of experienced bicycle accident attorneys in Vero Beach. They can investigate the accident and hire skilled accident reconstruction professionals to determine the factors that led to the crash.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Recovering Compensation After a Biking Accident?

Despite the complexities involved in bicycle accident cases, you may be able to still pursue and recover the compensation you deserve. Although it might be a stressful and painful process that may seem impossible to overcome, all hope is not lost. Experienced Vero Beach bicycle accident attorneys can work with you to help you navigate the legal intricacies.

They can help collect evidence to prove your case, such as the following:

  • photos of the accident scene,
  • video footage from security cameras around the scene,
  • your medical records,
  • witness statements, and
  • physical evidence at the accident scene, including debris, skid marks, and damage to the bicycle and the vehicle involved.

A Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Helping You Navigate Bicycle Accident Claims Challenges

With the increasing number of motorists and cyclists in Vero Beach, the probability of getting into a bicycle accident is also rising. Recovering compensation is often taxing, requiring the victim to prove several elements to support their claim. If you’re a bicyclist who sustained injuries in an accident, seek the help of skilled bicycle accident attorneys in Vero Beach.

Grall Law Group has a team of dedicated personal injury lawyers who can fight to help you recover a fair settlement amount for your injuries after a bicycle accident. We understand how Florida’s personal injury laws work and can use that knowledge to your advantage. Call us at 772-773-6697 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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